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Salomon Van Cleef (the father of Paris jeweler) died in Nice on 10/03/1883

As far as the genealogy of the family Van Cleef is concerned, surprising could be the word.
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This is important : his birth remained mysterious and  his death revealed secrets which could answeer and raised others.

We knew nothing (let's say : I knew nothing) about  Alfred Van Cleef's father  death, the founder of tehe famous company still located at "place Vendôme" Paris.

Let us remember that we had discovered Salomon first married  Pauline Cerf and had 3 children. After the left Belgium and his family behind, he arrived in Paris (France) where he married Mélanie Mayer. Mélanie's father was tradesman in fabrics and linens
. Salomon entered the company and his sister in law married a man called Arpels.

So I do discover that he has died in Nice (South of France), he was 48 years old, "rue de la Paix". This street is not existing anymore now. It's amazing for I worked there during some months in the jewelery workshop "Monciero" : I learned a lot in this place but I was very young. Nowadays this street is called "rue du commandant Raffali", everything's use to ange !
"Nice", I was 19 years old.
Our Salomon is declared as a tradesman, not as a rich diamonds merchant, so the success of his son is really is a matter of talent, isn't it ?

The first whitness of his death is the door-keeeper, the second one carpenter. In fact this rich diamond merchant died alone without any of his rich friends but only in the company of very ordinary people.
When his father dies, Alfred is only 11 years old. The first time the word jeweller is mentionned  is when Alfred marry Esther (on the marriage certificate) i.e. 12 years after the death. In fact Alfred only and by himself declares this profession as the one of his father !

But his ancestors' genealogy gives the proof that I was right.
The father of Alfred Van Cleef jeweller in Paris ( France), Salomon was called "VanClef", he wasn't diamond-cutter.

Looking in the old telephone directories concerning "Nice" in 1883 I found no Salomon VanClef as a tradesman, so I decided to look for the persons being based 7 "rue de la Paix".

7 "rue de la Paix" was based the "Hotel Franck" belonging to Frank Libovitz. It means Salomon was just passing trough. He was tradesman and selling what ? Theorically at that time he is supposed to work for "Mayer Toiles et Draps". Where is he lying ?

As he was residing in the hotel, maybe it is the reason why his name was written down as VanCLef instead of Van Cleef, his real name declared when he was born. Even when he married in 1867 the written name is Van Cleef. At that time he was commercial traveller.
I found other spelling mistakes : Van Cleef or Van Cleeff in which Olaf Van Cleef's gran-father .

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Van Cleeff rentier living 34 rue de France internee and dead in Auschwitz in 1944.
But look with attention : Van Cleef and Arpells. I mean with 2 "l".

This death certificate suggests a big question : why and how did Alfred Van Cleef decided to work in the jewellery, who helped him to find the job (and how) in the company "David et Grosgogeat" which was dealing with the cut and the sale of precious stones ?

As an expert "près la Cour d' Appel"(Expert to the Court of Appeal), that's the most interessant question concerning all my researches for 3 years.

If someone addicted to this blog (18000 pages read in less of one year) can help me : please contact me on my adress.

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