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Aryanization Van Cleef & Arpels Paris: Report from the Treuhand

Please excuse my English, but I accept any help to correct my texts.
How does a company Jewelry important on the eve of World War II?
this file will allow to understand the operation, although it was notquite a business model. 

The Nazis believed in the existence of a superior race (theirs of course) called Aryan.
Neologism Aryanization means complete expropriation of the Jews in Germany and Austria during 
the period of Nazism, and by extension the looting suffered by Jews throughout Europe including France occupied during the Holocaust. 

I was able to get the report sent to the Treuhand "Commissioner-General for Economic Aryanization" of Vichy, which was itself controlled by the Militärbefehlshaber France. 
Treuhand was led by very capable economists like Dr. Blanke.
I have already addressed some of the subject: 


But for such an important issue, it is necessary to have all the evidence, I found it on Internet the existence of a file on the Aryanization Van Cleef, he was at the Holocaust memorial. 

I meanwhile got the microfilm Aryanization Van Cleef & Arpels, 
 the bottom completely microfilmed now consults microfilm room of Caran, microfilm files are even free access (see the details of room size in inventories in the Caran AJ/38/2 reference). 
Hundreds of pages are not always easy. 
For the record, the National Archives where I found some nice people offered me this formula advising me to go to the archives of Avignon to read it, but! their machines are not the same template that you sent me the microfilm, photocopies not possible and has nearly 500 pages to copy hand ?????
But the people I had contact in the Memorial of the Shoah were equally friendly, nothing to do with the archives of the Ministry of Defence .(Move you're looking for on the spot!)
And I received a few days ago from the Shoah Memorial this 18-page document.
On this record (above) Memorial, color blue, there are also all involved in this
Aryanization: The Mistress, the one that had the most shares (the soul of this house from the report) Rachel Renee Van Cleef, widow Powerful.
Roman's first director. Jules Arpels, Louis Arpels, Solomon (known as Charles) in all three Arpels leakage United States. Count Paul Leseleuc buyer of the company Aryan Alfred Langlois, foreman Langlois house which was absorbed by the company Van Cleef in 1/7/1932.
For those who would like more information on the Aryanization



Rachel/Renee Puissant trong will now find itself alone to prepare this Aryanization (his cousins ​​who fled to USA) because she'll realize it before we ask him, because it certainly was aware of what happened in Germany in 1938.
The Germans quickly realized that this was Aryanization "holes", the "inaccuracies" of "errors" etc., to the point that from the first sentences written report:
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So on June 26 Dr. Blanke Aryanization thought it was a "bogus" 
It is to the honor of Rachel Renee, it was not the only way you can also read in this excerpts from the book, "The Patrons under the occupation" by Renaud and JC Rochebrune Hazera citing elsewhere

The cascades of numbers contained in this report are less interesting than what we can learn about corporate life.

Thus there was a company in London and one in New York, a U.S. company.
In 1939 it employed up to 20 vendors and 30 people in offices, and in 1940 the number of people employed in the occupied zone is 17.
Capital in 1939 was 3 million francs, up two-thirds for the latest and Arpels
third for "Mrs. Strong, daughter of the late Van Cleef, all Jews" as such in the text. The four are managers.

Above the turnover from 1937 to 1939.

The shares of the company were sold to the Earl of Leseleuc Kerouara 100fr then the price of their value rating is 1000frs
For various reasons the capital was three million francs was reduced to two million.

Mr de Léséleuc acquires 1520 shares, his cousin Mr. Ayme 462 shares and members of staff, 18 shares which is 2000 shares.

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The lawyer what Dr. Blanke THA starts scratching his head.

March 24, 1941 the four managers were replaced by De Leseleuc, Havard, Ayme, and Turck.
A first director Mr Roman is appointed, but it is replaced and its inability to place the authority German, I mean the German authority, appoint Mr. Rene Bry on 04/25/1941: For the occupied area is Mr. Desjardins du Cannet (06).
The Germans are a very serious and detailed analysis on acquisitions and share the value of the background trade and if they find that the amounts drawn on the matter are greater than the benefit they however, decide to stick to balance sheet figures.

They believe that we can assess the fund as is customary, three times the annual profit and think that
Do that at the third estimate of goodwill in normal times, 4.600.000frs.
It is learned that the Securities Group A  the company consist mainly of industrial stocks English!
Reason to 1.656.000frs
and those of group B amounting to 3,144,000 francs were swept away by Jules Arpels in New York and is for this reason that the account has been debited from Jules.

Bank balances totaled 2.474.000frs mainly in the amount of 2.200.000frs to Westminster
Foreign Bank in Paris.

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There were also accounts receivable associate members such as the famous Solomon (known as Charles) registered in 1939 6.945.000frs and his brother Louis Arpels 279.000frs.
The accountant and the administrator Mr. Bry have stated that the Treuhand said Charles Solomon Arpels was completely insolvent.

For inventories of goods that is more complicated, because as the report notes on page 8, it seems there has never been at Van Cleef and Arpels accounting material, or kept on the books stock of goods.
When they bought the stock of diamonds gems, although they were recorded on the books, but without specifying a date or date of exit.
The jewelry purchases were not recorded but only the Place Vendome in the workshop Langlois. 

According to the provisional administrator Rene Bry who at the time was jeweler manufacturer Saint Anne, the price of Gold rose from 1/9/1939 to 80 at 33frs40 to 100fr gram of 06 to 08/1940, and yet ... the official!
Because it was to find 260frs. Meanwhile gemstones increased by 150% in 1942 it was 10 to 12 times more than in peacetime.
So the excuse given by the buyers who see the jewels are "obsolete" does not agreed to Treuhand, which considered that wages represent about 24% of the price of jewelry, Plue gain on Contents ridiculed that explanation. 

click to enlarge: Appointment of Rene Bry 

Similarly, the Treuhand was surprised that after Aryanization, there are only 3.724.000frs merchandise in Paris and remained in the occupied zone 53.740.000frs.

Doubts they appear on the presence of these stocks in Vichy, the Treuhand was not wrong because we have since learned that the goods had passed by Vichy, but had joined the United States.

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It would be tedious to reproduce pages of accounts.

It is important however to read about this report that the "jewels are not made to the company same "
The firm Van Cleef or designer drew sketches of the jewels and ornaments were made to Workshop A. Langlois & Co. 243 rue Saint Martin in Paris

"This workshop, which still occupied in early 1940 about 60 skilled workers is recorded (written and
in the text) in the commercial register as limited liability company with capital of 50.000frs.
The workshop should last 20 years working exclusively for the firm Van Cleef and Arpels. The contract between  the workshop and principal could be presented to us, despite repeated requests and must be in possession of the former owners either Vichy or New York. The shares of the LLC have owned up
Armistice brothers Arpels and economically the workshop and the firm Van Cleef and Arpels are roughly identical. Currently the company is headed by Mr. Lee and his daughter. Ms Lee is also used Van Cleef & Arpels as a saleswoman at a rate of 1% of turnover.
Upon Aryanization Van Cleef & Arpels, the same buyers, Earl of Leseleuc and his cousin Mr. Ayme, Bought the 400 shares of the LLC Jewish. "

Surprising that management of pre-war ... 
today! we would repeat the accounting in custody!
And counsel for the firm, Mr Lepeltier said during an interview before already, large quantities of gold and precious stones have disappeared from the shop and he thinks that the 10 kgs of gold and stones Fines are in Vichy or New York.
If they remained in Vichy, what happened to these materials at the death of Rachel Renee Powerful?
What happened as jewelry in stock at Vichy, papers of Jewelry? etc.?

Same for these 3 million awarded to Rachel Renee Powerful / Van Cleef?

If Rachel was so alone, as to be buried at Vichy in the common grave, or have passed all these are?
 I follows from this German study, doubts about the destination of precious materials, jewelry, s cash, gold etc..
To the Germans they doubt that Jules Arpels has taken everything in the U.S. and believe that the 4 managers will shared property.

This opinion is closer to the words of Louis Arpels Maurice Chevalier, who says in one of his books.

I already explained that Louis Arpels ship and arrived in first class, and apparently with funds

The same report of the Treuhand, said the Count of Leseleuc Kerouara had a very good position,
The report notes that he was raised in England and that his fortune amounted to about 10 million francs and the Germans think he easily took over its own funds the sum dde 152.000frs to buy Units.
His cousin is also wealthy Mr. Ayme.
But the Germans were surprised that he put money in this case and it does not put a man confidence to lead VCA.

They also find that acquirers are not business as happened during other Aryanization.They are sure that they really paid shares and we suggest that the Aryans were the best buyers possible references in Germany, but they were unable to respond to the situation or walk the company.
Treuhand und Revisionsstelle surprised that most of the stock is party elsewhere and Vichy is not return after the armistice, especially when Mr. De Leseleuc of Kerouara took over the business.
Why take a case with the balance of CHF 67.9 million of stock and did find that 3.7 in Paris million francs, while remaining in occupied more than 60 million?
THA found that too many circumstances go against the sincerity of the Aryanization and does not give its approval.

It can be seen in short is a sale and repurchase agreements with all stakeholders had confidence practically  some in the outcome of the conflict.
It is June 1942, Rachel Renee is going to die in December, défenestrée of his room at the hotel Queen's Vichy, Colonel Roberto Bucciéro say that his body was covered with tires and burned (his nephew
famous Italian senator has received my letters but does not answer what he knows) archives
Vichy had apparently disappeared from the French side as the German side!

This should fix a lot of people, it's a secret that persists! who knows? Maybe one day?

Some days after the liberation of Paris, Claude Arpels will regain control of the company, In October 1944 this letter?? 

Click to enlarge

Surprising, but I may be missing information??

And no less surprising, the header of this letter below, and how this company can get paid Arpels
monies owed to the company Van Cleef & Arpels?

Click to enlarge 

But looking good registration in the commercial register!

The company existed from 15/01/1906 until 31/01/1946, it is true that there is more to Van Cleef, yet to new products other than jewelry appear under the name Van Cleef!

Many other businesses were actually sold by force and have not had that chance. I even found a sausage company that had major equipment and everything was new, and within that al file Aryanization, there are proposals from colleagues (French strains of "Aryan") who fight to buy cheap and whoever wins the contract is a cannery that is still important fiscal 2011.
I attach to this dossiern balance of 1939 should add the digits of the Workshop Langlois. 

Comptabilté that was simple in 1939!

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  1. I think you've done an amazing job of the VCA history. I have loved reading your research. What brings you the passion to VCA? Are you a historian?

  2. Merci, je ne suis pas un historien, quoique 3 ans de travail sur un sujet, on le devient!
    Sur mon blog principal,"Bijoux et Pierres Precieuses" j'avais fait un article sur la "Minaudiere" de Van Cleef,
    Je n'ai jamais eu autant de courriers, l article suivant encore plus.
    Vous pouvez voir les commentaires, mais il y a les mails que j'ai reçu qui ne sont pas publiés!
    J'avais fait cet article d'après l histoire existante, reproduite dans les plus chers des livres sur VCA, y compris ceux de Madame Raulet ou les centaines de sites qui avaient écrit sur le centenaire en 2006. Ces personnes qui m'écrivirent me racontaient que ce que j'avais écrit était faux...alors je me suis mis a chercher et je me suis aperçu qu'il y avait des erreurs et des présentations un peu flatteuse de l histoire de la maison. Les écrivains qui avaient traité le sujet ne me répondirent pas, la principale me raccrocha au nez, piqué au vif, je décidais de vérifier tout, et decidais de publier un livre, aucun éditeur ne fut interessé, certains eurent même la franchise de me dire qu'ils ne voulaient pas risquer un proces avec le groupe Richemont.
    J'ai oublié de vous dire que je suis retraité , avant j'etais artisan en Joaillerie.
    De plus VCA voulait engager un journaliste pour ecrire une contre histoire avec tout l argent qu'il aurait demandé, il venait d'ailleurs de publier un livre sur Boucheron.
    J'ai donc publié moi-même en faisant tout, même la couverture de mon livre, et j'en ai vendu un peu, avec des maisons comme Amazon, ou grâce à mon site internet.Des rumeurs de procès et d'enervement du PDG de VCA me vinrent aux oreilles, alors je décidais de creer ce blog pour pouvoir publier les preuves de ce que j'avançais et que je n'avais pu mettre dans mon livre faute de place. Un maximum de preuves de ce que j'avais écrit puisque l histoire de Van Cleef et Arpels est basée sur une fausse histoire arrangée par l'équipe de Jacques Arpels et les publicistes.

  3. Suite car Blogger n'accepte pas de commentaires longs

    J'avais été très touché par la fin malheureuse et secrete de Renée Rachel Van Cleef, officiellement pas d'Archives, mais j'ai trouvé des dossiers (peu) mais importants , je me suis rendu aux archives nationales, j'ai pu obtenir aussi des microfilms sur certains évènements qui eurent lieu pendant la guerre. J'ai fouillé la presse de 1910 à 1940, mais rien ne changeait la maison s'accrochait aux fausses histoires, pretextant les mémoires de René Sim Lacaze ou les souvenirs des petits enfants.
    Les mémoires de René Sim Lacaze ont été ecrites par un monsieur qui avait 94 ans et qui avait été influencé par Jacques Arpels et il y a beaucoup d'erreurs les souvenirs des enfants de la famille n'étaient que ceux que leur avaient été racontés par Jacques Arpels.
    Si vous lisez bien mon blog, vous verrez que les Van Cleef disparaissent totalement en 1942 lors du "suicide" de Renée Rachel Van Cleef, apres ce sont les Arpels.
    Je regrette de ne pas avoir trouvé d'éditeurs, cela aurait fait un très beau livre.
    Avec le groupe Richemont les choses ont évolué, mais il y a deux choses qu'ils s'entetent a ne pas vouloir changer, Estelle, qui n'a jamais existé, je crois l avoir prouvé mais pour eux, cela fait plus fun et moins Israélite que Esther.
    Deuxiemement, j'attends toujours des preuves comme quoi Alfred Van Cleef et Salomon Arpels avaient des parents qui étaient de riches diamantaires d'Amsterdam ?????
    Les seules preuves sont les actes de naissance, de mariage ou de décès et au mieux les deux grands père sont devenus négociants sur la fin de leur vie, car de plus la maison et la famille n'ont pas d'archives antérieures a 1920.....Personnellement je trouve qu'il y a plus de mérite dans la réussite d'Alfred Van Cleef, puisque son pere est décédé quand Alfred avait 11 ans, et il est devenu apprenti chez "David et Grosgogeat" .C'est une réussite formidable, et pas un autre grand joaillier n'a eu d'ascension aussi rapide! Mais voila ce sont ceux qui n'ont rien fait qui ont la tête qui gonfle.
    Donc je ne suis pas Historien, mais je pense être devenu l'historien de la maison Van Cleef, de plus cela ne me rapporte rien, sauf des contacts avec des gens du monde entier.


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